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About CVerification

CVerification helps employers make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the best-qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection process.

The platform allows businesses to safeguard their organizations and applicants to improve their application credentials.



Currently, no centralized or decentralized service offers comprehensive employment background screening which is simultaneously fast, fully automated and cheap. The existing solutions do not guarantee successful background screening that allows companies to hire with confidence. They also do not guarantee the security of sensitive data, which is essential to applicants.


CVerification is a decentralized blockchain-based background check services platform. The platform makes possible the exchange of references, certificates, and records in a way which guarantees the genuineness of the documents. Both companies and applicants profit from the improved hiring process that CVerification offers.


CVerification will disrupt the background check services industry, which achieves combined annual revenues of $2bn. All early adopters including organizations, individuals, and investors can profit immensely from CVerification’s success.

CVerification Ecosystem

CVerification improves the recruitment process by enhancing the staffing process and enabling the fast and secure exchange of employment references between applicants and employers with the power of blockchain. Through the following features, CVerification offers tremendous benefits for organizations and applicants. Blockchain, which first made headlines in the finance industry, is now sweeping the rest of the economy. In the recruitment market, blockchain has shown to be a useful tool. The beauty of blockchain is that it allows businesses to retrieve verified candidate data while maintaining anonymity and abiding to data privacy laws. Bitcoin, which was created expressly for blockchain, is utilised as a payment method in a variety of industries. Automated trading bots, such as bitcoin code, have lowered the amount of time and effort required to benefit from trading.

Core Features


Additional Features

Additional features are available for applicants, employers and educational institutions. Furthermore, recruiters and service providers will be able to benefit from them. The additional features will be gradually implemented in the CVerification platform.



CVerification is designed as a secure, future-proof and extensible system. It is built using three technological layers that enable the secure transfer of sensitive data and abstract the complexity of the underlying mechanism, providing an intuitive interface to users.


Top Layer

The first layer is represented by our web and mobile apps, which will give users an easy and intuitive way to request, download, upload and verify references. The design will mask away the interactions with the blockchain so that everyone can enjoy the benefits without having to deal with transactions, costs, gas prices, encryption and digital signatures. Primarily, this layer seeks to eliminate the complexity of typically interacting with the blockchain. Our goal is for our user interface to be designed in such a way that most organizations don't even know they are interacting with a blockchain, unless they decide to investigate into our deeper layers.

Middle Layer

The middle layer makes a platform out of CVerification. This is what differentiates us from the rest and creates a dynamic ecosystem around our core functionality. Our vision is that, as time passes and our user base grows, so will our platform. We will provide a powerful open API which will enable third-party developers to rapidly develop new intelligent services and utilize the hidden potential of the user’s data. The best part about it is that users have complete ownership and control over what and with whom they share. Both the third-party developers and the sharing users will receive a portion of the generated revenue as a reward for their participation on the platform. By incentivizing a complementary relationship between users and developers, we ensure that CVerification will be a continuous force in the background verification industry for years to come.

Base Layer

The two complementary components of our base layer work together closely to enable the secure functioning of the system and safeguarding of the users’ data.

CVerification is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain – the second biggest chain and the first to allow for the development of complex distributed applications (DAPPs) via Smart Contracts. By utilizing Smart Contracts, we can create an extensible system which can communicate with other DAPPS and the vast network of Ethereum nodes.

Furthermore, storage of encrypted user data will be housed in BigchainDB, a decentralized database. Any data stored can only be interpreted or shared by the individual user, never by any other party including CVerification. This paradigm ensures that decentralization, scalability, and efficiency are maximized at a foundational level. Our base layer will be the core from which many other applications and tools will flourish from.

Benefits of CVerification


Make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the most-qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection process.


Improve the chances of finding their dream job and apply for a job with an outstanding application.

Educational Institutions

Save time and money on issuing certificates and providing information about former students.

Colleagues and Associates

Colleagues and associates can objectively assess each other upon authorization and eliminate the risk of subjective employers’ assessment.

Third-Party Developers

Actively participate in the development of the platform and receive a portion of the generated revenue.

Recruitment Consultants

Find the best applicants based on various criteria and analytics tools.


  • Q2 2017: Project Start-Up

    Opportunity identification

    Market research & validation

    Business model & processes

    Product conception

  • Q3 2017: Commitment

    Webpage & first whitepaper

    Requirements fine-tuning


    Legal entity CVerification Ltd

  • Q4 2017: Technology Plan

    Technology evaluation

    Software architecture design

    Team enlargement

    ICO listing

  • Q1 2018: Validation

    Base technology validation

    ICO campaign

    Whitepaper update

    Press releases & interviews

  • Q2 2018: ICO & Prototype

    ICO launch

    Community involvement


    Business partners

    ICO launch

  • Q3 2018: MVP & Dev

    Launch 1st BigchainDB node

    Basic features implementation


    User authentication scheme

    CVER token exchange listing

    ATS & HRS partners

    Dev team enlargement

    Targeting industries

  • Q4 2018: β-Dev & Testing

    Smart contract fee allocation

    Payment integration

    User & company authentication

    Encryption fine-tuning

  • Q1 2019: Start & Market

    ATS & HRS API development

    Migration to Ethereum Mainnet

    Expanding features

    Smart contract audits

    Marketing campaign

    Compliance processes

    Onboarding universities

    Onboarding new organizations

  • Q2 2019: Full Launch

    Refinement of features and UI

    Documentation for API and platform usage

    New use cases for CVER token

  • Scaling & Establishing

    User base growth

    Platform improvement

    Further product development

    Socially responsible impact


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Milko is an expert in the areas of payment systems, card payments, e-banking and has a strong interest in innovative solutions and technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. Milko brings broad industry experience, having undertaken roles as Business Analyst, Business Architect and Consultant in global projects at companies such as Wirecard, NTT DATA, KUKA Robotics, BMW, Commerzbank, Fiducia & GAD, Capgemini. Milko holds an MBA with focus on finance and strategic management from the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. As an Associate Trainer at Certificate in Finance and Technology (CFT) in the area of Payments and Cryptocurrency he enjoys helping technologists working for financial institutions better understand the success factors in the industry in order to provide a better banking environment.


In the blockchain world since 2010, James is at the forefront of decentralized application principles and design having worked on multiple DAPP prototypes and implementations that include complex smart contract architecture, various encryption schemes, and establishing verifiable data provenance across financial, E-government, and automotive sectors. Having a diverse background in the latest technologies including Iota, Ethereum, BigchainDB and others as a blockchain researcher at Fortiss, a prominent research institute in Germany, ensures that the ideal tool for the job will be utilized. Previously, James worked as an Engineering Data Analyst using machine learning and graphical modeling to analyze supply chains, manufactural inefficiencies, and modularize their product line to reduce expenditures at a large scale.



Evgeni is an engineer with seven years of experience in C++ computational algorithms in the fields of engineering, Finite Element Methods and nonlinear iterative solvers. For the last two and a half years he has been specialising as a full-stack developer and a Blockchain Developer at a Frankfurt-based financial trading platform. Some of the projects he was involved in include Ethereum-based DAPPs, an OTC-derivatives exchange platform and a financial instruments numerical library. Evgeni holds a MSc degree from Imperial College London and brings mathematical and programming know-how as well as fundamental knowledge of the numerical analysis of various financial instruments. Evgeni is a passionate programmer and a dedicated Blockchain follower with profound interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain real-world applications.


Alexander has a decade of experience building web products that solve complex challenges in the HR industry. He is a graduate from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and started his career at one of the leading niche job boards in Germany, holding diverse senior management roles in the area of product development and data science. As a director at Expertеer he is introducing smart process automation to the talent acquisition industry with innovative and scalable web services and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. His vision is to build a world where every individual is in the right career role to make a signficant impact.


Graduated from Florida State University with MS in Computer Science, Jatin loves exploring different technologies, with current focus on Blockchain-related technologies, and takes joy in intertwining diverse and efficient technologies to develop user-friendly and high-performance software applications. Aside from his technical interests, Jatin likes to read fictional and non-fictional novels, travel the world, attend musical concerts of different genres, and meet people from different walks of life.


Georgi is a software engineer with over 5 years of professional experience in a range of development fields and a university degree in Computer Science. His career path has moved from a backend developer at MusalaSoft through Blockchain and DAPPs specialist at EnBW AG to his position as a Deep Learning Engineer at GmbH. Georgi's motivation comes from his passion for efficient technological solutions with the potential to change the field, in which they are applied. In CVerification he will lend his extensive knowledge and expertise in both DAPPs and Deep Learning for the theoretical and technical implementation of the project.


Zhazira is an experienced serial entrepreneur and founder of ZAZA, a business platform powered by Blockchain, which is going to deliver innovations to the B2B industry. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Finance and is also part of the University of Oxford Blockchain Strategy programme. Zhazira strongly believes in the advantages of blockchain technology in various industries and this is why she is supporting CVerification as the ambassador in the MENA region and Russian speaking countries. She believes this project will achieve its goals and will make a difference in the employment and recruitment market.


Boyan is an online marketing expert with extensive experience in the fields of digital marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM, content marketing and web analytics. He is a graduate from the University of Paderborn in Germany and holds a B.A. degree in media studies. As a marketing manager he has been responsible for implementing media strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to improve their ROI. Furthermore, Boyan has been planning marketing campaigns across different digital channels including social media, e-mail and display advertising. With his online marketing skills and interest in new technologies, he brings significant value to the CVerification ecosystem. Boyan is excited about the opportunity to launch various marketing campaigns and present the benefits of CVerification to a large number of potential clients and users.

2000000000 Industry combined annual revenue
14804 Industry employment
1.3 % Annual Growth
63 % Applicants providing false information




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